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Annual Football Meeting

TBD- Pending site details

Suburban Officials Association Rules & Film preseason meetings will also be held at Eagan High School. We will watch some film and discuss anything that interests the group. Come late or leave early-no worries.

Please send Tom Wollan an e-mail if you plan on attending. He will publish a playlist within Hudl to all attendees the day before each meeting. Please bring $2.00 for donation to Tackle Cancer Program.

Meeting Information:
July 25 ~ Eagan High School           6-8pm
August 1 ~ Eagan High School        6-8pm
August 8 ~ Eagan High School        6-8pm


HS Football Philosophies 
HUDL Tutorial
MSHSL Quick Guide- Basic Rules Reference
Crew Building & Continuous Improvement- Practices
Defensive Pass Interference Principles
​Power Point-5 person crew keys
Free blocking zone
​MSHSL 2016 Pregame
Expectations for football officials-key points for observers.
High School Football axioms.
High School football philosophies.
Illegal blocks in the back.
Keys for 5 man coverage.
National Federation penalty enforcement.


Catch or no catch.
Classifications of pass interference.
Momentum exception.


Working for a clean snap.
Forward Progress.


Classifications of holding.
Goal line mechanics.
Crew management-building your schedule.
Assignment Secretary          Tom Wollan
Vice President - Football      Rick Hardy
2018 NFHS Football Changes  (1)
2018 NFHS Football Changes  (2)