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Suburban Officials Association Rules & Film review meetings will generally be held the last Sunday of each month this offseason. We will watch some film and discuss anything that interests the group. Come late or leave early-no worries. Please send Tom Wollan an e-mail if you plan on attending. He will publish a playlist within Hudl to all attendees the day before each meeting. Please bring $2.00 for donation to Tackle Cancer Program.

Meeting Information:
Sunday 2/24/19 2-4pm / Burnhaven Library (large meeting room), 1101 West County Road 42, Burnsville, MN 55306


MSHSL Quick Guide- Basic Rules Reference
Crew Building & Continuous Improvement- Practices
Defensive Pass Interference Principles
​Power Point-5 person crew keys
Free blocking zone
​MSHSL 2016 Pregame
Expectations for football officials-key points for observers.
High School Football axioms.
High School football philosophies.
Illegal blocks in the back.
Keys for 5 man coverage.
National Federation penalty enforcement.


Catch or no catch.
Classifications of pass interference.
Momentum exception.


Working for a clean snap.
Forward Progress.


Classifications of holding.
Goal line mechanics.
Crew management-building your schedule.
Assignment Secretary          Tom Wollan
Vice President - Football      Rick Hardy
2018 NFHS Football Changes  (1)
2018 NFHS Football Changes  (2)